Ringwood’s Hewitt School gets $6K in grants to buy books by Holly Stewart

Congratulations Hewitt!  Shout out to Mrs. Camporeale and Mrs. Kirkegard for their hard work in applying for this grant.

“The good people of Ringwood passed a referendum to upgrade Hewitt School’s infrastructure,” Kirkegard said. “We look forward to adding to our library’s book collection through James Patterson’s generosity and getting the books into the hands of our students.”

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Ringwood teachers want contract terms settled by Holly Stewart

“There’s a building consensus among our members that our role is undervalued,” Odgers said.

She said the teachers’ union has spent all but 10 months of the past five years negotiating this contract as well as the one that preceded it. A three-year agreement effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015 was not settled until early in 2014.

“It’s the ultimate show of disrespect to endlessly delay this process,” said Odgers.

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